She needs a solid firm cock tonight she told me on Amateur Match chat

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Being somebody that reviews websites and specifically websites way you interact with normal people and not porn stars or WebCam models, is pretty interesting because you get to meet people like Jennifer here from New Orleans Louisiana that is always in the Mardi Gras mood LOL. Actually she’s looking via the sex personals listing that she has on amateur match for guys anywhere between the age of 20 to 55 that like kinky sex and will invite her over as she cannot invite them over as she has three roommates and a boyfriend. Needless to say you can imagine what kind of person this girl is LOL.

She’s definitely not one of the clean-cut girls that you will find on the Amateur Match YouTube channel, but this is the kind of girl that the majority of the guys that are members of amateur match to prefer overall, I know because I’ve been several weeks on this site and I have been asking and questioning a bunch of male members as well, not only the women, if you consider the 49% all the members of are men then you have to mingle among them and asked them all the questions you need to get an honest and fair investable a balanced review of the website and the network itself.

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Anyhow I used her as an example just to show you all what you can find, you can find cheaters just like her or you can even find singles, college students, MILFs, matures, even gays and lesbians all mingled among the over 50 million members worldwide on this and enormous dating network.

The first time that I reviewed this like I said it was a few weeks ago, I really never had high expectations, considering that I had just finished reviewing several websites that were not related to this company at all, and I was very disappointed on how they wanted me to write the reviews the way it would sound better for them, and that is not my style, I don’t do that for a living, my job is to write fair reviews about everything adult related if I am asked to. I always put my name on the line, people know that and that’s why they take trust into everything that I write. So if I say the amateur match is a trustworthy sex dating website and that you will get laid if you sign up and you put a little effort into creating a nice profile no matter if you are a man or a woman your chances of having sex with somebody in your town tonight are extremely high.

The place where webmasters make money converting their traffic

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Converting visitors into money, to start off you need a website that gets at least a few thousand visits a day, and the traffic would be better if it was organic if you don’t have that much, so that would be three 4000 visitors a day from the major search engines that would be,, or and then at that point you can naturally put a few banners from this dating affiliate network that I post the link right here, and start making some money. let’s hold it right there, this is not the usual piece of crap affiliate program, this is something that actually does work, I’ve been with these guys for five years and to be honest with you I’ve never had ever an issue and the income flow has always been regular it is always grown or at least is being extremely stable.

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Just to tell you one these are the guys that own the top sex dating website called amateur match, now if you know what that website is and what it’s all about then you’ll know that these guys really do mean business. What I suggest you do like I always suggest everybody when I come up with an affiliate program for webmasters and talk about all my blogs all the forms I’ll always ask you to check it out first don’t go there and sign up right away, no doubt won’t work, I want you to feel 100% comfortable first of all Google it see what other webmasters assaying, then go and visit a few Webmaster forums I’m sure if you are a member of the webmaster form you’ll already know about this program. And that if you’re 100% convinced, and I say 100, if it’s 99% don’t do it if you’re 100% convinced then sign up.

There are a lot of these dating programs out there but is the only one that I personally found that actually does work, that is not a scam, that is not built for the purpose to screw people over, know they mean business they offer a real product it is extremely good stuff for the webmaster promotes it and for the visitor that actually signs up for these programs. That means everybody is happy and that means this is an absolutely good system, a good network, good paying, something good to show on your website enough said.

The growing trend of webcam sex over the internet!

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There’s really nothing new when you talk about WebCam sex, live Internet sex, being the new trend of today, it really has been for a long time and the trend stays simply because it is a a growing factor that is spreading worldwide and not only in North America and Europe. It seems that everybody from all over the world what a slice of this Internet sex of these cam girls that can give you an orgasm just by watching them. It is said to be the second best thing to sex and that the third best thing to sex is miles away, I also enjoy a lot of WebCam shows, I’ve had quite a few myself as you may have read in that College cam girls blog post I wrote a few weeks back, and as you can see I just linked it, it’s an interesting read and I thought you’d like to see it.

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I wanted however to stop and dedicate a few words to this Live Sex Queen, if I can call her such, I really do think that she is one of the best WebCam models that I have ever interacted with, not only for herself and her numerous amount of repetitive orgasms, and how she uses those toys on herself, but also for the person herself. She’s smart, she is extremely hot, she has a fantastic body, a great attitude, always smiling and seems to be an extremely happy person in general.

It’s really hard to find a person that has all of that, I say that because I test WebCams and review WebCam girls all the time now, it’s been at least 12 months that I have reviewed at least 20 different WebCam sites and over 100 to 120 different WebCam models, and if I have to put her in a chart I would say she was in my top 15 for sure.

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She’s on, you can find her mostly during the week but especially in on the weekends, keeping consideration that she is a college student, so she’s never online during school hours, she is located on the east coast of Canada, so also keep in mind the time differences but that could be between you and her. You’ll find her all weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday, she calls her computer and her WebCam her second home, her Second Life, because she absolutely loves to do what she’s doing and she told me in confidence that sometimes she likes it that much that she would do it for free. Now that’s one of them Live Webcam Girls, that I would wrap up and bring home with me!

More and more college girls do webcam shows now

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Most of them do it because they need the money and doing naughty things to yourself from your dorm room, is what anyone would call, fun and easy cash. So curious like many are I paid a visit to one of these college girls cams on a website called Not bad! I have to say that they put together a lot of hot babes and these hot babes are willing to do a lot for very little.

Don’t forget that when you sign up to this cam site (not any webcam network) you’ll be handed over a ton of tokens to use to tip the girls and that way to get totally free shows. I’ve been getting show after show and still now I have a bunch of tokens less to use. I still have to pay a private or a golden show. Thats one of the fantastic things about all this. For the rest I’ll let you check it out on your own will, I really don’t want to say any more, or it looks like I’m trying to push it on you. I should be heading back on there tonight. My girlfriend is over at her moms, so that leaves me with some alone time for some intrernet porn and some live college sex.

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Local Dating Online Works.

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Local Dating works 100% However not all the dating services deliver what they promise. I’ve joined and checked out a few, before I actually found the right one for me. The right one would actually be Great service, everything is discreet and very private, no one in your family will know about it unless you’re stupid enough to leave trace of it in your bookmarks or you leave your phone hanging around while its logged in. You’d laugh, but I know a few people that have been that stupid and gotten busted because of that.

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Well thats not what I do. I make sure that I always use mu iPhone for shit like this and I do all the dating preps at work away from my wifes eyes. The latest babe that I’ve met thanks to this dating service is Sandra a hot brunette that works here in town for a restaurant chain. Hot babe, love to wear lingerie and stockings when she’s having sex and will keep on going for hours if you can take it. Thats the girl for me and we have been doing this behind her boyfriends and my wifes back for some time now and to be honest I doubt that I’m going to call it quits any time soon, she’s way to hot top throw away.

Webmasters have you tried out Datinggold Yet?

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Dating Affiliate Program, thats also a clickable link, so be my guest if you want to check it out, but first let me tell you a little about it. First of all may I say that it works on both mainstream and adult oriented websites. No matter how conservative or hardcore extreme your website may be, you’ll always find a program and a landing page that will suit your audience. The other dating affiliate programs on the world wide web don’t have this option, its either clean or filthy, thats what makes these guys better.

Then you have the banner section, where you can pick from close to 1,000 banners, standard html that you can download and use how you wish, or you have the iFrame creator that works with both PHP or ASP websites, and if you’re not happy with that, you can always ask one of the affiliate reps to have a custom banner made for you. Thats how fucking awesome these guys are. Makes sense now why they’ve been in business for over 11 years, while all the others went broke or lost webmasters, these dudes are getting bigger by the day.

Then we have the brands. Close to 30 to chose from, all sorts of dating sites and a very successful webcam girls network, that converts very well. Converts, thats a big word. convert. I’m making big cash with them and the sales ratio per click is three times lower than any other dating program that I’ve ever used. I’ve been using them since 2005 without a break and I’ve been paid on time every time. They will direct deposit to your bank account, pay by check or other very common paying solutions, so that every webmaster gets their cash the way that they prefer to receive it.

OK, thats enough, it’s not that their paying me to post about them, I just wanted to share as it’s convertins so fucking well I thought that sharing it with other fellow webmasters would be a good thing to do.

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Lives to get fucked up the ass

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I like to bang babes up the ass. Its tighter and you can access it with your cock easier. However there are a shit load of chicks that wont let you penetrate them back there and its a shame, see one of them is my wife and she wonders why I cheat on her. Well I cheated on her with Taylor, the chick in the photo below. She 15 years younger than me (31) and is a model at the largest webcam network that I know of that would be . I met her beforeshe told me that she worked there and I told her about my wife. She told me straight out: Come and fuck my ass on live cam, we can do it whenever you want as many times as you want and I’ll split the income with you. So I did, yesterday was the first time.


Pic Nic ends up in a solid fuck

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These two are in summer school on their campus, these are the peeps that didn’t do well during the regular season and are trying to pick up by staying in school even during the summer holiday period. Two of these fucking “retards” are Gillian and her boyfriend Harry, better known on campus as three legged Harry. The reason is that he has a cock the size of my fucking arm. All the sluts have fucked him in his first two years at that University, but he put an end to that getting with Gill. They went out on this pic nic the other weekend on campus grounds, no one was there so he invited Gill to suck his hammer, she did what he asked it was all pretty cool it was just them on the grounds, then he came up with the idea to fuck in the bushes and as you can see that happened as well. Please check out my gay live chat site and tell me if it looks cool or if I have to make a few changes to it. Thanks!

Whore I met on Amateur Match

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Can you sign up at a dating site and in little than two hours be already fucking a chick in your town? That happened to me yesterday and as you can see I have the webcam video that proves my point. The dating service whats it called?… Amateur Match. Click on that link and see for yourself, thats what happens with this service. You find women that simply wanna fuck, they don’t need a date as most of them are married or have a life of their own that they don’t want to share with you, all they want to share is their pussy, simple as that. So don’t waste time, sign up, its free and its nothing like the other dating bullshit sites that you find out there.

College dorm fuck

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This is TatianaFoxy (WEBCAM CELEBRITY) younger sister, I’m not fucking kidding you, this is 20 year old Kenya Fox, she was tricked into fucking this dude at his frat house bed room not having a clue that there was a hidden camera, actually a hidden webcam that was on and running and worst of all it was connected to the university network. A little less than twenty thousand students were connected at that time and we were told by Campus PD that nearly everyone in one way or another got to see this going down. Well as we think that she’s actually a very good fuck and has more than a perfect body, through her older sister Tatiana we asked her to come over to the office in the next few days and to sign a contract with our porn tube company and make some porn videos for us. We pay well and I think that she will do just great and become a real porn star in no fucking time!